Replacement Forms

To order replacement documents, click on the class that you need forms for below.  You will then be prompted to complete the student's name and approximate date of class.  Once your payment is made, we will verify the class information and email replacement paperwork.  Allow up to 24 hours for processing.   Copies are not kept at the training center and can only be done through this process.

Replace - HCP-BLS CPR

Replacement Form - Healthcare Provider CPR Class

  • Cost: $10.00

Replace - Community CPR

Replacement Form - Community CPR Class

  • Cost: $10.00

Replace - Basic First Aid

Replacement Forms - Basic First Aid Class

  • Cost: $10.00

Replace - Child Abuse

Replacement Form - Child Abuse Class

  • Cost: $10.00

Replace - Communicable Disease

Replacement Forms - Communicable Disease Class

  • Cost: $10.00

Replace - OSHA Card

Replacement Form - OSHA Class

  • Cost: $35.00